Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gracie's first outing

We have been given permission, by the manager, to take Gracie with us to our local Dino Park. YEAH! So, she has now had her first outing. She spent most of her time in the stroller with Weezy but she did have some play time. While the kids were swinging she was eating the weeds near by. We had a lot of wierd looks, some kids wanting to pet the "duck", and just a lot of good ol' fun! Now we have something to do with Gracie everyday. The kids and Gracie had so much fun!

New socks for Matthias

I finally finished another pair of socks for Matthias. I have another pair in the making that is almost done. Trying to finish my Medical Transcription course ( has taken up most of my knitting time. I would like to be able to take my final by the beginning of October or sooner. The last part of the course is all transcription and it SUCKS! I am not giving up!

Gracie at 3 weeks old

She again has doubled her size. I figure I will give a weekly update of her since it is so cool how fast she is growing. It seems she has started getting little feathers in. She loves car rides and has had her first outing. She likes to wake everyone up in the morning by sticking her head in everyone's bedrooms and squacking.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Gracie at 2 weeks old

Gracie is now 2 weeks old. She is HUGE and so are her poops! She is getting better at sleeping by herself. As long as she has a stuffed animal with her she seems to be okay. She has been playing outside and eating a bunch of weeds and grass. It's really cool how she runs for the weeds and eats them all up. Well, not all because we have a lot -- but she tries. Sometimes she sleeps in the bed with the boys. She has finally outgrown her baby diapers. We are waiting for a bigger one to get here in the mail. We ordered a black diaper harness for her. I think it will match her color better than hot pink. She is still supposed to outgrow this next harness and then she will finally have her permanent harness in couple months that will last her and continue to fit on her. I have been feeling prickly feathers on her tail and under her chest. I think maybe she is going to sprout some new feathers pretty soon. She has been growing so fast it is amazing. She looks like some prehistoric beast. What will she look like next week??? We will have to wait and see...