Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gracie in the yard

Gracie has been staying outside most of the time now. She loves to roam the yard with the dogs, eat grass, and play in her pool. I do bring her in sometimes and she loves to sit on my lap and watch TV. Gracie has also made friends with a few Magpies. I can hear them talking with her every morning. I am wondering what to do with Gracie when Winter comes. I think she will freeze if I keep her outside especially because she doesn't have any other geese to keep her warm. I might have to have her inside all Winter long. I could also make some type of a home for her in the garage but then it is really cold in their too. Her is a new pic of Gracie.


  1. I came across your blog in a very roundabout way! My friend in Oklahoma was telling me she is learning to knit and is planning on making a hat for my baby due in Feb. She likes the style of the patterns you sell on Etsy. When I saw your profile I noticed you are in Utah (I lived there for 23 years) and finally connected to your blog! How on earth do you keep the goose in your yard? Do you bring her in at night? Have you had any problems with predators? My DH would love to have a goose, but the logistics of it all seem difficult. Thanks for a very entertaining goose story!

  2. To Candice or Keith

    I haven't had any problems with keeping Gracie in my yard. She has been pretty quiet and I haven't had any neighbor complain about her.
    No predator problems yet either probably because I have 2 dogs that stay with her outside.
    I used to bring her in off and on during the day and at nights too but I have developed allergies to her and haven't brought her in for a while now. I am not sure what I am going to do over Winter. During our first snow storm today I stuck her in the spare bathroom because she wasn't staying in her house that my husband made for her. Hopefully she will get used to it and Winter will not be a problem for us. :)