Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Playing with the knitting machine

I finally figured out how to cast on but I am still working on figuring out casting off. This machine is way complicated. It seems like it will be quite a while until I can feel comfortable using this machine. If only I can find someone in this state that has one! How nice that would be! Until then I am doing this all solo. It is so hard to find anything to do with this machine it is driving me crazy! It seems like the directions that I do find are all short and not very thorough. Since the company had stopped making these machines I have to rely on finding something on ebay :(

Well since it is way late I thought at least I could post a pic of something I just did on the machine. I think it is called the honeycomb stitch (but not sure). Anyways I thought it looked pretty cool, or at least a little different. :)
I have heard there is a pretty steep learning curve with this machine so I am just going with the flow and learning by trial and error. One day I will be able to use this machine for something more constructive -- but for now I am happy just making a little swatch of cool looking nothings. :)

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