Saturday, October 24, 2009

My new vampire bats!!!

The whole family playing in the shower curtain.

Hanging out in the shower curtain.

Up close and personal pic. LOL

These are way cool. They actually aren't Vampire Bats but that is what we have nicknamed them since they have bitten hard enough to draw blood. These are actually my new COOL pets they are Sugar Gliders. They are so AWESOME!!! The only problem with them is that they don't feel too comfortable with us yet so they have been a bit "nippy".
I have the a mother who is 5 years old and her two baby girls, who are 2 years old.
Their names are Pretty, Cutie, and Butterfly. I am not sure what one the mother is. I can't even tell them apart. I painted the front nails on one of them, the back nails on the other, and no nails on the last one.
My older son is scared to death of them and has been having nightmares of them ever since one jumped out of the cage and into his shirt. We couldn't get it out of his shirt because it was growling at us and trying to attack. About two hours later we coaxed it back into it's cage by at meal worm treat. Now my son is traumatized and doesn't want to go near them. LOL

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  1. They are kinda scary Gina--I hope they have stopped biting! And they do look like bats.