Sunday, September 20, 2009

Autumn Cabled Scarf

Here is another cabled scarf I made on the bulky. This time since this yarn is a wool blend I was I tried dropping down the second stitch from each side and purling it back up to get rid of the rolling effect. It seems to have worked pretty good. I also went over it with an iron. Turned out perfect. This scarf has 3 cables the cables on the ends are to the right and the cable in the middle is to the left. The cables give it a nice texture.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pretty In Pink Scarf

I just got finished making this light and lacy scarf in light pink.
This is the first scarf that I have done on my Brother 260. YAY!
The cables gave it a really nice and elegant look. I ironed it a little to loosen up the stitches so that the cables will show better.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gracie in the yard

Gracie has been staying outside most of the time now. She loves to roam the yard with the dogs, eat grass, and play in her pool. I do bring her in sometimes and she loves to sit on my lap and watch TV. Gracie has also made friends with a few Magpies. I can hear them talking with her every morning. I am wondering what to do with Gracie when Winter comes. I think she will freeze if I keep her outside especially because she doesn't have any other geese to keep her warm. I might have to have her inside all Winter long. I could also make some type of a home for her in the garage but then it is really cold in their too. Her is a new pic of Gracie.

Apples are growing

I planted this tree about 2 years ago and this year it has already got fruit on it. This apple tree actually is supposed to have different kinds of apples on it. Only 1 branch has fruit on it so far and the other 2 are bare. Maybe next year I will have fruit on all 3 big branches.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Perfect for baby

I love how this looks and feels. (It is really a light baby yellow, not the ugly tan it looks like.)
The texture is what is so cool! This is so PERFECT for a baby.
This is one of the swatches that I got with my machine. It is my favorite and is something to look forward to eventually making. Hopefully, I can make one soon for Tara's new grandson. Congrats Tara!!!

Updated pic of my bookmark

I haven't been working on this too much but I have made some progress. It will be finished one day!

Playing with the knitting machine

I finally figured out how to cast on but I am still working on figuring out casting off. This machine is way complicated. It seems like it will be quite a while until I can feel comfortable using this machine. If only I can find someone in this state that has one! How nice that would be! Until then I am doing this all solo. It is so hard to find anything to do with this machine it is driving me crazy! It seems like the directions that I do find are all short and not very thorough. Since the company had stopped making these machines I have to rely on finding something on ebay :(

Well since it is way late I thought at least I could post a pic of something I just did on the machine. I think it is called the honeycomb stitch (but not sure). Anyways I thought it looked pretty cool, or at least a little different. :)
I have heard there is a pretty steep learning curve with this machine so I am just going with the flow and learning by trial and error. One day I will be able to use this machine for something more constructive -- but for now I am happy just making a little swatch of cool looking nothings. :)