Friday, June 5, 2009

Mission Freedom

My friend had caught a little raccoon in a live trap. It was awaiting its death, its penalty for eating her baby chickens. I asked her to let me take it up in the mountains and let it go and she let me. YEAH!!! It was so cool to see a live raccoon. I see them all the time dead on the side of the road, but this time it was a real alive raccoon. Even though it did a bad thing it was too cute to be mad at it! We took it (in its trap enclosure) up into the mountains while we went for a hike. We let it go right next to a little stream and it sat there and drank the water using its cute little hands. It had a little bridge to hide under and a lot of ground cover and trees. It wasn't full grown but it wasn't a baby either. It isn't with its mommy any more but at least it isn't dead. I said a prayer that God would take care of it. I hope it is able to survive! I will be praying for it tonight! On our way back down the mountain we saw a rattle snake. It wasn't very big, but big enough to have a rattle. We watched it slither away near a stream. It is amazing how God created each living thing so special in their own way. God is so AWESOME and powerful; I can't believe how many turn their backs to Him.

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  1. Gina, you have the best heart. That was a very good thing to let the racoon out somewhere else.

    It IS amazing how God created each living thing so special--in their own way. People are so busy being distracted--seeking pleasure, they fail to see the beauty of the very world around them.

    Mother Teresa of Calcutta said that we should look for God in everything--and everyone--it's easy to see God in you :)