Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Buying a used truck in Utah

You would think it would be pretty simple to go trade in an old truck and buy another used truck. Actually after we had decided what truck we were going to buy we started the financing part of the whole sale and I was asked if I was mormon. WHAT? I probably looked sick to my stomach. "NO" I said I am Catholic and the finance guy says "well so am I but do you mind saying you are a mormon so you can get the best interest rate" I said "NO" of course! (No soul selling over a truck here!!!) He seemed a bit angry that I wouldn't denounce my religion to get a better interest rate and the monthly payment I wanted. He thought by proving to me he denounced his religion to get into the (mormon) Deseret Credit Union by showing my his "member card" I would do the same. So I told him if he doesn't think that it was much of a problem to denounce ones religion over a truck I would go ahead and call my priest and ask him! He really didn't want me to call "the priest" but I did anyways. Yes, that is when I called Fr. Eric. Of course he confirmed my previous answer of NO.

I think the financing man was a little shook up after me calling father but he still asked me one more time to denounce my religion. I ended the conversation by telling him, like Fr. John Corapi would have, "I ain't going to hell for you or anyone else and especially not for some truck"

Well, this is just another one of those reasons that I love Utah, NOT!!!!

Remeber this conversation was with another Catholic! UGHHH, MY GOODNESS!!!

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  1. Gina, I love the picture--the perfect look for a guy who want's you to denounce your faith. What people will do for a few bucks!