Friday, August 28, 2009

First try on my knitting machine.

Well, I was able to play around with my new knitting machine last night and was able to learn one way to cast on, decrease, increase, switch stitch type, and change color. I didn't bother trying to learn how to cast off because I didn't have any of those tools that would make it easier. I will try again tonight with a sportweight yarn. The yarn I used last night was really really thin. About as thin as dental floss. I wound up one of my own sportweight baby yarns to see how it looks on the machine. I can't wait to get my other parts in the mail. But for now I will do what I can and learn what I can with my limited stash of... NO TOOLS.

I found out that the computer does not do what I thought it did. It instead helps me to manually adjust measurements for... (I don't know I think sweaters)

Also, the machine doesn't do intarsia just fairisle, which is okay with me because I actually prefer intarsia.

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