Saturday, August 22, 2009

My new toy

Thanks to my daddy I have a new knitting toy. Well it's not really a toy it is a knitting machine I had to order a few small parts before I can start working on it and it needs a super duper clean up. Once I get the few small parts I can then clean it all up and start using it. This machine does everything. They say... you can knit a pair of sock within 1/2 hour with this bad boy. It also spits out baby blankets incredibly fast. I can't wait to get started making clothes! Now I can make items to sell without taking forever. I will still be making and selling handknit items but not exclusively, now I have more options. I am so excited about this machine. Yeah yeah yeah!!!

Some cool info about my machine:
It has a motor to run automatically. It has a built in computer with 770+ pattern options included. It is a double machine so I can make double sided knits if I want or single sided. It reads punch cards, so I feed it a paper with patterns punched out of it and the machine automatically makes the specified pattern. WOW!! It also has a 4 color yarn feeder (to do cool intarsia designs) like to make a sweater with cool multi-colored designs across it. This came with a HUGE bag of yarns a BUNCH of punch cards and pattern books.

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