Friday, August 28, 2009

Ruffled scarf

I love how this scarf looks!
I am actually making another one but I am using the other side of the yarn, so that you can't see the white, you can see just the black and brown.
What a contast you can get the white look or the dark brown look with the same yarn.
I will post another picture of the dark brown one once I have finished it.

First try on my knitting machine.

Well, I was able to play around with my new knitting machine last night and was able to learn one way to cast on, decrease, increase, switch stitch type, and change color. I didn't bother trying to learn how to cast off because I didn't have any of those tools that would make it easier. I will try again tonight with a sportweight yarn. The yarn I used last night was really really thin. About as thin as dental floss. I wound up one of my own sportweight baby yarns to see how it looks on the machine. I can't wait to get my other parts in the mail. But for now I will do what I can and learn what I can with my limited stash of... NO TOOLS.

I found out that the computer does not do what I thought it did. It instead helps me to manually adjust measurements for... (I don't know I think sweaters)

Also, the machine doesn't do intarsia just fairisle, which is okay with me because I actually prefer intarsia.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Buying a used truck in Utah

You would think it would be pretty simple to go trade in an old truck and buy another used truck. Actually after we had decided what truck we were going to buy we started the financing part of the whole sale and I was asked if I was mormon. WHAT? I probably looked sick to my stomach. "NO" I said I am Catholic and the finance guy says "well so am I but do you mind saying you are a mormon so you can get the best interest rate" I said "NO" of course! (No soul selling over a truck here!!!) He seemed a bit angry that I wouldn't denounce my religion to get a better interest rate and the monthly payment I wanted. He thought by proving to me he denounced his religion to get into the (mormon) Deseret Credit Union by showing my his "member card" I would do the same. So I told him if he doesn't think that it was much of a problem to denounce ones religion over a truck I would go ahead and call my priest and ask him! He really didn't want me to call "the priest" but I did anyways. Yes, that is when I called Fr. Eric. Of course he confirmed my previous answer of NO.

I think the financing man was a little shook up after me calling father but he still asked me one more time to denounce my religion. I ended the conversation by telling him, like Fr. John Corapi would have, "I ain't going to hell for you or anyone else and especially not for some truck"

Well, this is just another one of those reasons that I love Utah, NOT!!!!

Remeber this conversation was with another Catholic! UGHHH, MY GOODNESS!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My new toy

Thanks to my daddy I have a new knitting toy. Well it's not really a toy it is a knitting machine I had to order a few small parts before I can start working on it and it needs a super duper clean up. Once I get the few small parts I can then clean it all up and start using it. This machine does everything. They say... you can knit a pair of sock within 1/2 hour with this bad boy. It also spits out baby blankets incredibly fast. I can't wait to get started making clothes! Now I can make items to sell without taking forever. I will still be making and selling handknit items but not exclusively, now I have more options. I am so excited about this machine. Yeah yeah yeah!!!

Some cool info about my machine:
It has a motor to run automatically. It has a built in computer with 770+ pattern options included. It is a double machine so I can make double sided knits if I want or single sided. It reads punch cards, so I feed it a paper with patterns punched out of it and the machine automatically makes the specified pattern. WOW!! It also has a 4 color yarn feeder (to do cool intarsia designs) like to make a sweater with cool multi-colored designs across it. This came with a HUGE bag of yarns a BUNCH of punch cards and pattern books.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Mannequin Is Here...

Here is a picture of the mannequin with one of my scarves. She makes it look so nice.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Working on a cross stitch book mark

This is how far I have gotten, its not very far. I am not sure how this is going to turn out because I switched the colors around. It seems like it is taking forever!!! When it is all finished it should say "love" with some flowers and stuff on it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am back but with computer issues

I am back from my little vacation and I am trying to get back into my regular routine. I have a few pics and stuff to post but I have computer problems once again. Hopefully, I can return this little piece of junk in for another more worthy laptop.

I finally ordered a mannequin off of ebay. Her name will be... maybe... Headless Heather??? She will be my scarf model.

Fall is just around the corner so I have been busy knitting up some goodies again. My son just shrank my favorite knit pants I made for the baby, this is the second major knitted item he has shrunk, the first was a sweater. Oh well, it gives me an excuse to knit some more.