Monday, April 27, 2009

My retreat was wonderful!!!

I am still trying to sort everything out in my mind. I did have a wonderful time at my retreat! I really had a beautiful experience at the mass we had on Saturday. There was something that happened to me at that mass that I can't explain but it did leave me with a feeling of total peace and tranquility. I learned so much and had such a renewal of mind and spirit I wish it didn't have to end. We learned a lot about Carmelite spirituality and some about spiritual warfare. Since the retreat was a silent one I pretty much hid out all day in a corner studying my bible so I wouldn't be found and spoken to. It worked! I left the retreat with some great short meditations. I will be using these throughout the year. Here are a few of them:

Thy love be done

Learn from me

Gentle of spirit

Humble of heart

Come to me

I am with you always

My sheep know my voice

Stay with us

God within

Do you love me

Be transformed

I thirst

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  1. Gina, I liked the first part of the retreat where the Friar was talking about how we need to journey from our head to our heart, and sometimes our journey ends in our throats--when we get all emotional and fearful of going to the heart, so we go back to the head instead.

    Also, I think because of the silence criteria, the Mass was so intense because we did not have to think about the conversations we were having with each other before Mass started--we could go right into the Mass with our full attention and reverence.