Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our first whole day with Gracie

Gracie has been doing really well. Her first 2 days with us have been spent eating, sleeping, going potty, and following someone around the house. If she's not following me around she is following one of the kids around.
Last night she slept on a towel by my son for half of the night and then in her box for the rest. I didn't get much sleep because we have these 2 owls in my tree that talk all night long and last night they seemed more talkative than usual.
Since Gracie has been spending more time going potty we thought it was time to try the diaper. The first time I tried to put it on her I tried for about 10 minutes and then gave up. Later on I tried for another 10 minutes and finally figured it out. Now I can get it on in about 1 minute. Gracie doesn't seem to mind it at all. I figured out that these first diapers don't do that great of a job of catching her stuff but are basically just getting her used to wearing them so when she gets her adult diaper in a couple of weeks that really does work she won't have any problems wearing it.
My dogs don't seem to be bothering her at all and I am not sure what the parrot thinks of her quite yet. Gracie doesn't even pay any attention to any of them. Here are some new pics.

This is a picture of Gracie yelling at me for leaving her alone. She was looking for me and when she finally found me she told me what she thought!

This is Gracie eating her breakfast wearing her very first diaper. I thought I would try feeding her some grass along with her regular food and she really liked it. She has been a really good eater! I wonder what she will look like in a week from now???

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