Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We got our little baby today!

Our baby goose Gracie arrived about 8:30AM this morning. She was hatched on Monday April 20th at 7AM. We were expecting her to be shipped along with a duck for warmth and company during her trip but when we opened the box she was all by herself. I called the hatchery and they said they must have forgotten to put the duck with her. She seemed to do fine all by herself and that is all that matters. I was planning on giving the duck to my friend Dolores who has a farm anyways. She was really thirsty at first and as soon as I got her into the car we had water waiting for her. She has been sleeping or drinking water for most of the day so far and she has eaten a little of her food. She is so cute!!!


  1. She's adorable! Congratulations to the "new mama"!

  2. Cute! My little gal loves her. She's quacking at your "buh-die" ;)

  3. Gracie! I love the name! She is adorable.